Camp Keystone

There are few places as special as ARC Camp in Florida. What a wonderful gathering of
hungry men from all over the state of Florida. As is always the case, the competition was
outstanding and so was the time in the Word. Thanks to Majors Ernest and Darlene Steadham
for inviting Oscar to be a part of the retreat.

Camp LaDore

The Eastern Territory hosts a retreat that is a little different. They call it the Territorial
Holiness Retreat,  and they invite three men from every center in the East. The needs of the
men were varied, but the results were the same. God's Word was preached, and men
responded. Thanks to Cols. Tim and Linda Raines for inviting and hosting Oscar for the

Easter in Austin

Captains Erik and Carol Nickell invited Oscar to spend Easter at the Austin ARC. The Good
Friday service was touching. On Sunday morning, a huge crowd of friends and family gathered
in the outside pavilion for an annotated time of praise and worship and the truth of the Word.  
Jesus is alive and He touched the souls of many.

San Jose ARC

For many years, Oscar Roan Ministries has been trying to get an open door to minister with
the Salvation Army in the Western Territory. Thanks to Major David Atkins the door is now
open. Major Atkins, who was in the Southern Territory for many years as an ARC Officer, was
transferred to San Jose this year. He invited Oscar to come to his center and to four others.
What a wonderful time of ministry in San Jose, San Francisco, and Lytton Springs.  Oscar also
flew to Portland, Oregon and to Seattle, Washington to hold meetings there, too. How exciting
to watch God pour out His Spirit in such a mighty way. Thanks to Majors Phillip, Majors Reed,
Majors Dove, Captain Russell, and special thanks to Major Atkins for setting it all up. Also
thanks to Lt. Mark Stearns and his family for hosting Oscar.