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Professionals will also have to be sensitive to tentative pleas for help for an incest victim.  They
nay need to let the victim know that they will support them, and stand with them in whatever
problem they want to share.

Part of the awareness process also may be a good sex education program.  Sex Education
should be a natural part of church programs, as well as, the school system.  Through good
wholesome education, a young girl may realize that what is happening to her is not right and
that she can and should deal with it.

Once the problem has been brought out, then formal or informal therapy should begin.  The girl
or, it not discovered until later, the woman, should be encouraged to work through and express
her feelings of guilt, hostility, and fears to someone who can understand and help her put them
into perspective.  The wholistic treatment should, of course, include a sharing of God’s love
for her and His forgiveness.

The next step would be to bring as many of the significant others into a therapy situation.  This
could include mom and dad and/or the husband of the victim. The family therapy will focus on
again sharing feelings, bringing the issues out, and beginning to work them through.  Sex
education and open communication are important aspects of the family therapy process.  There
is, of course, a tremendous need for spiritual intervention in the home.  Even if the family have
been “church goers�, it is essential that they understand that with Jesus Christ and the
power of  his Holy Spirit, it will be quite impossible to ever be able to forgive and work  through
the extremely destructive memories of the incestual relationship.  It is important to understand
that incest is such a destructive problem, because it is definitely outside of God’s Law, and,
therefore, it has tremendous consequences spiritually and emotionally.  With the confession
and forgiveness from God, it is impossible to be able to forgive and work through the
consequences effectively.
This is a special note to an incest victim.  If you are a child, go to the school principal and show
him this information.  Then say that what is presented here, is happening to me.  He should,
then, call the police or Department of Children and Family Services and have them come to
school and talk to you.  This should start the Process of getting your family help.

Now, if you are an adult and suffering the emotional trauma of incest, call a licensed
Psychologist or psychiatrist who practices wholistic health care, and tell him your  problem.  If
you have a hard time getting started talking about it, show him this information.

But it is important – Get help now!